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Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2023

Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2023

As an internet marketer, or even as a more traditional media advertiser, trends are a necessary place to put your eye. Now is the time to begin homing in on what digital marketing trends have emerged and will emerge.

Simple Messaging

This is number one for one big reason. It’s an extrapolative approach to marketing. It can spread across brands and content. This is becoming a trend because there is too much noise and too much stuff on all platforms and markets.

Because simple messaging is an MVP (minimum viable product), it can live in a graphic or a short video. Branding may be a part of a company’s culture when it’s at its most developed. Once it does, the selling point is already created, and word-of-mouth marketing becomes easy and reliable.

People know what they are getting with you.

Short-Form Video

First off it’s short which means less time in creation and less time to have people hop off the content. With TikTok’s massive success and YouTube’s “Shorts” coming into prominence over the past several years it is safe to say that these applications are not going anywhere.

Short-Form video content is useful in raising quick awareness. It is additionally useful in grassroots marketing, given the segmentation structure and algorithmic benefits. Another perk is that the app does a lot of the specific targeting for you.

The aggregated amount of impressions, time to produce, and inherent targeting are three critical reasons to use short video content marketing.

Influencers in Digital Marketing

This one isn’t going anywhere; influencers are people who are both a brand and a product-pushing platform in their own right. There are much better and more advanced versions of this, which I will describe below. However, the basic idea is still the same, and I’m going to call it “reputation exchange.”

As influencers grow, the influencer market is quoted at 13.8 billion at the eclipsing of 2022, and so does their prominence as a product awareness dissemination method. Anyone participating in digital marketing looking for a competitive edge in 2023 and beyond should look at new and creative ways to push and utilize the influencer space.

Integrated Brand-Product-Pitch Person

Integrated methods and digital marketing trends that partner the brand with its product are already all over the world. Think of things like Taco Bell’s guerilla approach to cheeky branding mixed with a rapid rotation of slightly recurring quirky items or Tesla’s futuristic design approach to the relatively futuristic electric car. The difference between these two is the addition of a spokesperson.

Elon Musk serves as the relative mascot of his numerous brands and companies, including Tesla. So what separates Musk from Ronald Macdonald? Several key points emerged, the first being a reality. Musk is walking or flying around somewhere in the world right now. The same world as you.

Secondly, there is the idea of verisimilitude in digital marketing. Musk built the brand, at least in the scope that it is renowned as socially. Wherever he goes, the name of the company is never in short supply. However, with the last element of this, we see why this works so well.

Celebrities serve as realistic, believable caricatures. By having the perception of Tesla come from Musk it is inseparable from the idea of his brand, and vice-versa. As Musk’s star power grows so does Tesla via the mere honorable mention.

By having this integration from the product, all the way up to the creator permeate the brand, it allows for full capitalization of the day’s attention economy.

Even though this is still a possibility, the current presentations of VR and Web3 make it more of a question of when than if. While it is unclear the timeframe within which this will evolve into a powerhouse of marketing as a platform, this is an entirely new area to advertise in.

Additionally, it will allow for new methods of content creation. Potentially adding the “embodied” experience to advertising. This could help people make the right connections in their minds to make them want a product even more.

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