Gerila Na Zadatku – engleska verzija!

Za potrebe Fair Playa, globalnog natjecanja mladih glazbenika na temu anti-korupcije na koji smo se prijavili i o kojem smo vam pisali u prošlom članku, preveli smo tekst pjesme Gerila Na Zadatku (Nightmare i Daxx iz SB Reprezente) na engleski jezik. U nastavku pročitajte prijevod.


For working class, which now dies in sweat
Our backbone is beaten, with hands in the pus
Looking down at the floor, strapped in the machine
Making money for them that work by the same regime
Fascist layer, stingy on workers’ wages
Full of hidden funds, even has some to bribe
Every now and then chilling at the seaside
To corrupt a union, even workers’ rights to cut short
For the head I’ll shorten them, writing the slogan
Guerrilla on the task, while rolling up this joint
On the battlefield, I scream this ode
Raising morale, while we dream of freedom!

So join your forces
Up, up, hold your fist
I smell changes in the air
Complete strike in Croatia
So join your forces
No more living in the dark
For crust of bread in the stomach
All guerilla on a mission

Losing temper, losing faith, brainwashed with lies
With nothing in the fridge
While you plant, they pick
The system keeps you idle
Sliding in the opposite direction
Aiming on the pole with your rope
But you are too young for St Peter
All alone while being stripped
Crying screaming to the atmosphere
You have no where to send the bullets in the clip
Left in the hands of mange
To Unions full of bullshit
And your lawyer profiteer, with your $$ they drink, eat
Rudeness way off line
With noone to defend you from bandits, parasites
Thousands of people are out there
Robbed, deceived, they will not stand aside
To Babylon dark days come, squeeze your teeth, stand beside!


“The core and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are non existent. They have created a repressive society and we are unwited their accomplices. Their intention to rule rests with the annhiliation of consciousness. We have been lowed into a trance. We are focused only on our own gain. Please understand – they are safe as long as they are not discovered. That is their primary method of survival: keep sleep at us, keep us selfish, keep us sadative! “

How much you have, you need, you spend per month
For utilities and food, take the paper and calculate
How big is your credit, asshole smiling at the Lodge
Not that you are not concerned, it’s all about you
Chop your furniture, fire the furnace, no money for gas
Tourists see the sun, sea, think of us as a charm
But our wages are minimal so raise your son to be honest
Luxury is in the windows but he can’t have
New shoes, new shirts and other fine things
You want to work? Want to get paid? Let the boss in your ass!
There is no shred of optimism as assholes clutch us in their fists
None of them cares about you, now is your opportunity – STRIKE!

Beyond the horizon, the fire that flashes
It’s not a guard fire, but the flame of a many headed beast
At the command of guerilla – salvo, tear
Rip their guts open with our drawn blades
Cry your voice, so that battle can continue
We break the line that separates the core
They do not give up, they’re boasting to the core
So they kick themselves in the chest, but don’t grow weary, continue
Look straight, the blood is burning in your eyes
For every revolution is based on death
The beast is now wounded, dying in front of our eyes
The beast fell, freedom rings out in the night!!




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